We work with both international and local growers and suppliers to bring you a selection of products of the finest quality.

We guarantee a wide variety of fresh-cut, artificial flowers, foliages, floristry accessories, plant, gardening supplies and more.

We offer services that include floral arrangement for all occasion with delivery to an extensive network in JB, Singapore and Indonesia.

Exclusive DIY Collections
Do you know the power of flowers? ⁣⁣

Fresh flowers aren't essential but they are deserved to be part of our life. Fresh flowers are emotional, their blooming moment bring the joy and max of vitality around us. ⁣⁣
Sent a exclusive flower gift set to your family and friends with no words needed, because these babies knowing that they originally blooms to send happiness to everyone anytime.⁣⁣
From Bud to Open Bloom
Flowers are a living piece of nature and require some essential hygiene practices to improve their vase life. We recommend the following generally, however, each species and their varieties often have individual requirements to bloom.