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Aglaonema Peacock is commonly known as the Chinese evergreen and is well known for its easy care, hardiness and lush foliage. The large leaves are highly dappled with multiple shades of green, grey and a hint of yellow. It is an easy-care plant and acting as a great purifier that can tolerate lower light areas. It will make a great choice for anyone building up their work from area currently.

Pot diameter: 17cm
Plant height: 70cm (Included pot height)


Alocasia Pink Dragon is a tender, rhizomatous, evergreen perennial cultivar in the Araceae family. It has green leaves with silver-like markings and bright pink stems under.

Pot diameter: 11cm
Plant height: 30cm (including pot height)


Begonia Chingipengii resembles begonia trichochila but is distinguished by the variegated leaves with light green veins and midrib contrasting with the dark green adaxial surface and maroon abaxial surface. It bears a thick coat of hairs on the underside of its leaves and on its petioles to break the flow of air around the stomata and thus reducing the loss of water through transpiration.

Pot diameter: 15cm
Plant height: 35cm (incl. pot height)


Begonia Looking Glass is an exceptionally beautiful upright evergreen perennial loved for its iconic foliage of large, silvery leaves adorned with olive-green veins and cranberry-red undersides.

Pot diameter: 14cm
Plant height: 50cm (including pot height)

  • There will be slight substitution of flower colour based on flower condition.
  • Express your sympathy with floral tribute.